Nacap’s 100% commitment to safety within the construction industry and innovation in this area has been recognised by high profile national and international HSE awards. These include:

  • 2016 Victoria CCF Earth Awards (Finalist).  Awarded to Nacap & APA for Category 5 (for project values $30M – $75M) for the Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion (VNIE) Stage 2 (Loops 2 to 5).
  • 2016 Exxon Mobil Gippsland Safety Forum Award for recognition of Nacap Australia’s achievement and ongoing commitment to safety excellence.  Awarded for best the best “Safety Initiative” across Esso Gippsland Operations, recognising Nacap’s self-developed online OHS Portal (www.pipelinesafety.com.au).
  • 2014 IPLOCA Health & Safety Award (Runner Up).  Awarded for Nacap’s Plant Assessor Initiative and Journey Management System
  • 2013 IPLOCA Health & Safety Award (Ist Prize) for significant achievement in this field.  Awarded for Nacap’s CODESAFE Success.
  • 2013 APIA Safety Award for Nacap’s CODESAFE Success
  • 2013 Worksafe Awards Health & Safety Finalist for Best Solution to a Specific Workplace (Hydraulic Pig Catcher)




  • 2011 APIA Safety Award in recognition of Nacap’s implementation of a unique innovation designed to improve the safety of the Australian Pipeline Industry and its personnel (Hydraulic Pig Catcher)
  • 2009 Victoria CCF Earth Awards (Finalist).  Awarded to Nacap, GWM Water, Mitchell Water Australia, Mintern Civil for Category 5 (project value over $75M) for the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project.
  • 2005 Project Management Achievement Award (National Winner Regional Development) presented to Thiess & Nacap for North Queensland Gas Pipeline Project
  • 2005 Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Awards (High Commendation) for Project Management presented to Thiess, Nacap & Enertrade for the North Queensland Gas Pipeline Project
  • 2005 Queensland Case Earth Awards (Winner). Awarded to NQGP Alliance (Nacap, Enertrade, GHD, Thiess) for Category 3 – Construction Excellence (project value over $10M) for the North Queensland Gas Pipeline.
  • 2008 Epic Energy Certificate of Achievement Award presented to Nacap Australia for achieving 97.42% on Audit 4 provided on 4 & 5 October 2008 for the QSN Pipeline Project
Nacap and Safety