Disrupting NDT with computerised radiography
September 2018

Nacap was featured in the September Edition of The Australian Pipeliner, the official publication of the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association, on the use of new computerised NDT technology.

Nacap used the new NDT technology, called the GE CRx Vision System, during the construction of APA’s YGP project in Western Australia.  It is the first time the company has used the technology, which it believes could revolutionise cross country pipeline construction.

Deploying the new technology has benefits to the environment (as it replaces the need for films and chemicals normally associated with dark room processing) and significantly improves efficiencies and project productivity – it eliminates the need for manufacturing compliant calibration blocks for automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) NDT, is fast to set up and can be conducted in the field immediately post-welding.

Read the full editorial here – Nacap CR NDT YPG Editorial – Aust Pipeliner Sep 2018

Nacap features on page 98 & 99 of The Australian Pipeliner September 2018 edition.

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