MGP Dam 1 Upgrade – Arrow Energy
November 2016

Moranbah Dam 1 is a part of the water distribution network of the Moranbah Gas Project (MGP – is jointly owned by AGL Energy and Arrow Energy, Arrow is the operator).

CPECC Nacap JV scope includes construction of a pipeline connecting to a new pump station including two centrifugal pumps, associated pipework with suction/discharge capabilities and SCADA system to provide remote communication from the dam site to the Arrow Energy MGP office to transfer water to / from various dams depending on the actual water levels. Three flowmeters have also been installed on various pipelines connecting into the dam to provide an improved understanding of flows into/out of the dams with the addition of a weather station to understand rainfall and evaporation rates which will be linked to the flow rates into/out of the dams to allow an improved understanding of water production.

On completion, commissioning of the pump station and associated instruments / pipework, various redundant equipment / pipework shall be decommissioned, capped, terminated and removed from site.

Although the scope is reasonably straight forward and all within close proximity, the crew selected to execute the works performed multifunctional roles whether it be civil, mechanical or Hydrostatic Testing and having the ability to not only operate plant, but carry out butt fusion welding, hydrostatic testing or general labouring duties with the aim to complete the works with no incidents within the timeframe set by the Client.

Site conditions were persistently above 35°C plus creating increased hazards in relation to heat stress. Great team work within the crew ensured each team member was appropriately hydrated and necessary precautions taken to reduce the effects of heat stress.  This included regular testing at the start and end of shift to monitor hydration levels and also trialling of HOTBOD Inc. – Body Temperature Alert Patch to monitor body temperature during the day.

Construction is substantially complete with two live tie-ins completed and the final expected mid-December.

rsz_mgp_dam_1_pump_station_1 rsz_img_6817 rsz_img_6816

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