Nacap LCS Team Up for PNG Pipelines
March 2019

Nacap is pleased to announce the formalising of a Teaming Agreement with LCS Pipelines to jointly pursue work in Australia, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia.

LCS Pipelines specialises in providing complex transport solutions in for the installation of pipelines in inaccessible areas and very steep slopes >70o in all terrains, using teleferic cable cranes systems supported by specialised spider excavators.  LCS has executed projects successfully in more than 20 countries on 5 continents around the world.

LCS’ cable cranes are able to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions in almost all transport areas; pipeline construction, dam construction, mountain construction sites and in the forestry.  Their ropeway systems offer the ideal alternative transport in impassable, critical and inaccessible terrain.

This agreement brings together the skills and innovation of two highly specialised construction companies and we are excited by the opportunities that are ahead.

Nacap and LCS are currently working together on pipeline construction projects in the Highlands of PNG.

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