Our Projects Nacap Capability Statement


Nacap is an industry leader in pipeline and facilities construction and asset maintenance in oil and gas, water, mining, power and communications sectors.

We construct above and below ground, high pressure and low pressure pipelines for liquids and gases in urban, regional and remote locations.  Our extensive experience in project logistics and landowner and environmental management enables completion of projects of any scale and complexity, including spool base construction.

Nacap has also successfully delivered over $250M in facilities contracts across Australia.  Our capable engineering team offers in house engineering and design and maintenance capability for compression stations, launcher/receiver facilities, main line valves (MLVs), hot taps, interconnection facilities, pressure reduction/metering facilities and cold vent facilities.

Nacap also has equipment to service a number of simultaneous pipeline spreads with reliability and efficiency.  We own a large fleet of modern and well maintained specialised pipeline construction equipment including pipelayers, bending machines, trenchers, welding/coating tractors and hydrostatic testing/air drying equipment.  We also provide additional in-house capability including GIS data management for pipes and maintenance services for underground linear assets.

Our excellent safety and workforce management track record combined with our mobilisation and transition expertise ensure our clients achieve a smooth and successful construction outcome every time.


  • Cross country pipelines
  • Process and facilities construction
  • Mechanical, E&I, FOC and HV Cabling
  • Engineering and procurement management
  • Civil construction
  • Heavy earth moving
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Infield and gathering
  • Hydrostatic testing