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The facts
Project overview
Key Achievements
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The Facts
1.2km x DN300 slurry pipeline
Replacement works
10 no. monitoring spools
Project Overview

Minmetals Resources Ltd (MMG) engaged Nacap Australia to replace 1.2km of slurry pipeline and 10 monitoring spools along the MMG Century slurry pipeline.

Construction was completed predominantly by a direct hired work crew, performing live excavation of operating pipeline sections, welding, testing and coating of the new Grade X-70 x 1.2km pipe (replacement) section.

Specialist sub-contractors were engaged to perform the HDPE welding and liner installation (within the X-70 pipe string).

Initially, a 108 hour shut-down window was all that was available to Nacap to remove the decommissioned 1.2km pipe section and install the new 1.2km pipe section as well as installing all 10 replacement spools from KP82 to KP296.

Nacap was able to provide a sharp ramp-up of local resources to respond to this short-term need and minimise cost.

Nacap achieved regular high-praise with regard to our safe work performance and in particular our safe working culture / behaviours at the project sites. Not one injury (not even first- aid) was sustained for the entire project (>20,000 man-hours) which was a credit to Nacap’s crew and safe working practices.

The challenge of containing environmental spills (due to breaking flanges on a slurry pipeline which is used to transport both Zinc and Lead) was managed excellently by Nacap’s crews with bunding and sealing works performed at all stages of decommissioned pipe removal.

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Key Achievements

In MMG’s key performance areas of safety, environmental, stakeholders and quality; Nacap exceeded client expectations for the duration of the project. Further, the project was delivered within budget, providing that the project as a whole was a great success for both MMG and Nacap.