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The facts
Project overview
Key Achievements
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The Facts
Flow rate: 0 - 600 MLD
Size of the flowmeter: DN1200
Concrete pit 5.5m x 4m x 4.8m deep
Type: magnetic
Installation: below ground
Project Overview

The scope included the design, construction and installation of two large revenue flowmeters (RFM) in separate reinforced concrete pits. The RFM was located within the Melbourne Water pipeline reserve in Berwick.

The design requirement for the operation of the RFM was very complex. The flow meter was part of a network of flowmeters to measure flow at outlets along the Victorian Desalination transfer system.

Construction and installation of the RFM was in a complex location with residential houses on both sides of the easement, existing large diameter water mains owned by Melbourne Water on both sides of the PRS with separation less than 2 metres and limited access. The installation had specific requirements to ensure interference from the pipeline cathodic protection was within a certain level and installation certification had to be signed by the manufacturer of the flow meter.



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Key Achievements

The project was successfully completed on time to client specifications.