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The facts
Project overview
Key Achievements
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The Facts
55 x DN600
71 x DN450
Gas pipelines
Associated in line facilities
Project Overview

Nacap was contracted to construct portions of the APLNG pipeline system and associated facilities including the Western Tranche package of the Infield Pipeline Works.

The Western Tranche Project consisted of the following Separable Portions and associated facilities:

  • Combabula Spur to Reedy Hub DN450 Approximately 17km in length
  • Eurombah Lateral to Reedy Creek GPF DN600 Approximately 55km in length
  • Fairview to Spring Gully Pipeline DN450 Approximately 28km in length
  • Spring Gully to Taloona Pipeline DN450 Approximately 26km in length

Other works performed by Nacap include

  • Combabula Spur Line facilities – Complete construction of Launcher facility (excluding bulk earthworks) and Receiver facility at Reedy Hub (bulk earthworks are in the Woleebee Lateral scope)
  • Eurombah Lateral facilities – Launcher facility and civil works at Eurombah Creek GPF excluding bulk earthworks; Mid-line tie in from Spring Gully to Taloona Pipeline at Pine Hills including barred tee and riser and associated civil works; and Tie-in to the DN600 portion of the Woleebee Lateral at Reedy Creek GPF.
  • Spring Gully to Taloona Pipeline facilties – Taloona Tie In including civil works; Launcher facility at Spring Gully GPF and Receiver facility at the intersection with the Eurombah Lateral Pipeline.
  • Fairview to Spring Gully Pipeline facilities – Launcher facility at Fairview, including a flanged tie-in to Santos infrastructure and an ESD valve for the GLNG pipeline; and Receiver facility at Spring Gully GPF.
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Key Achievements

Project was delivered on time and within budget and met the expectations of the client.