Nacap reports through Quanta Services Australia Pty Ltd (QSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Quanta Services, providing specialty infrastructure services in Australia. Mirroring the structure in the US, QSA has six standalone operating companies through which work is delivered.


The six QSA Companies include Nacap; Consolidated Power Projects (CPP), which provides project engineering and construction services for electrical infrastructure; HDD contractor Coe Drilling; Mears Integrity Solutions, which provides infrastructure integrity services for the pipeline industry; Enscope, specialising in project management, EPC and commissioning; and NJ Construction, which provides electrical infrastructure services.

These companies will compete for work in their own fields of expertise, however when broader project opportunities arise the standalone operating units will combine their offering to provide a bundled solution as part of an integrated QSA team. This flexible approach provides our clients with powerful choices of delivery models and construction driven solutions.



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