Nacap means safety

Safety is embedded in everything we do and how we think. These behaviours define our culture and frame the management of our projects. The safety of our people, the community and environment is paramount and we are highly experienced in safety management across any terrain in any location. We constantly consult with all stakeholders involved in our projects to ensure they understand and hold the same health and safety goals and culture. Our innovative work practices, impeccable safety record and award recognition for our safety systems demonstrate we are leaders in this area.

Ongoing best practice is achieved through global research, active participation in industry forums and listening to our people. Our commitment ensures we achieve the highest attainable safety standards in all environments at all times.

Nacap’s highly developed and successful OHS culture is based on its Behavioural Based Leadership program aimed at achieving industry best practice OHS performance. The program empowers individuals to be responsible and accountable, address and modify at risk behaviours through a comprehensive performance management process.

Our innovative Nacap Portal is world class and delivers the most up to date messages on safety that can be accessed by anyone anywhere at any time. Our workers are often spread over large areas and our portal streamlines pre-start information, safety alerts, best practice guides and training to all workers everywhere. It is a one stop shop for all company safety functions and messages, which are consistent and accurate.

Nacap Safety Non-Negotiables Stay Safe Portal