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Nacap provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for large scale pipeline, facilities and wind farm projects in Australia and Papua New Guinea.  We are customer focused and driven to provide best for project outcomes.


Nacap has specialised in pipeline and facilities construction for over 30 years.  Our clients are owners of some of the largest assets in the energy sector.

Nacap has constructed many of Australia’s most renowned pipeline and facilities projects.  Project contract values range from $50 million to over $500 million.


In 2017, Nacap expanded its services to the  renewables sector building wind turbine generator (WTG) foundations.

To date, we have successfully completed Kiata Wind Farm in Victoria (2017) and Kennedy Energy Park (2018) in Queensland.  In addition, Nacap is currently completing Lincoln Gap Wind Farm in South Australia.

We are proud to be supporting the development of a clean energy future for all Australians through our renewables work.


Of interest to our customers is that Nacap is a single source provider offering superior services in design, engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance.

We know that our specialist skills, award winning safety systems and excellence in project management are what set us apart.

Furthermore, all Nacap construction projects have been delivered on time and to client satisfaction. Most noteworthy is our industrial relations record with zero industrial action across all construction projects since company inception.


Above all, Nacap thrives on complex construction projects.  As a result, we are renowned for our logistics expertise and ability to problem solve for optimal outcomes for our clients.

Most importantly, we are ethical, client-committed and value driven.

Our innovations and unique project solutions have helped shape construction industry policy, safety standards and best practice.


Nacap is owned by global parent Quanta Services Inc. Quanta is a US based Standard & Poor’s Fortune 500 business with a turnover of USD9.5 billion in 2017. Today, Quanta is ranked as the largest electric power and oil and gas infrastructure contractor in North America.

KEP Kennedy Energy Park


In Australia, Quanta Services operates as Quanta Services Australia (QSA).  QSA is comprised of operating entities Nacap, Coe Drilling, Consolidated Power Projects, Enscope, Mears, NJ Construction and Quanta Solar Australia.  Quanta Services also has an Associate Company in the water sector through Mitchell Water.

The Quanta connection enables Nacap to partner with sister companies to deliver even broader, more tailored services for our clients.

Read more about Quanta Services Australia.

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